Jim Boyle, MBA

Fellow of The Karsten Institute

Jim is a business leader with over 30 years of experience in business turnarounds, creating new businesses, driving business improvements and capitalizing on opportunities to achieve positive top and bottom line results.  As a strategic thinker, effective implementer and change agent, Mr. Boyle aligned business strategy, managed channels while maximizing profitability, facilitated structure and improved processes to achieve corporate objectives. A multifaceted leader, Jim partnered sales and marketing management with operations leadership and financial skills to improve productivity and drive revenues and profits.  Jim has worked with Fortune 500 Companies early in his career to develop the skill set needed to lead two consumer product companies.  He led organizations that created new products, leveraged current technologies and expanded market opportunities to improve market position for consumer electronics and telecommunications companies.  He successfully introduced corporate culture changes, developed leaders and built high performance teams in matrix organizations.

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