I am both honored and excited to be able to share my thoughts of and experiences with emotional intelligence.  As my profile states, I have had the privilege of serving in a variety of leadership positions within the Department of Defense over a 20-plus-year military career.  Coupled with my terminal degree in management, with an emphasis on leadership and organizational change, I was able to use my experiential and theoretical knowledge of management and leadership principles to develop my emotional intelligence.  I consider ‘building resonant relationships’ to be one of the most important leadership skills.  It is about this principle and practice [building and maintaining resonant relationships], amongst the numerous others associated with emotional intelligence, that I wish to engage in dialogue with each of you.

Dr. Mark

About the Author:

Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Change Leader Mark gained his leadership experience by serving over 20 years as a member of the US Army. He served in a variety of executive leadership positions within multiple Department of Defense organizations, assessing employee performance, advancing positive social change, and using his knowledge of emotional intelligence to build resonant relationships with all members of the organization. Mark holds a Doctorate in Management-Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University.

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