Achieving Operational Excellence:
Strategic Business Forum IV

A Four Session Worshop Sponsored by





Forum Discussion Topics

September 17

  • Defining Operational Excellence
  • Balancing Managing with Leading
  • Making a Personal Action Plan

October 15

  • Measuring What Needs to be Monitored
  • Defining Indicators of Progress
  • Exploring “The Why” — What is My Personal Passion for Doing This?

November 16

  • November 19 – Fostering Long Term Business Relationships
  • How May I Profit from Emotional Intelligence?
  • What is My Model for Organizational Justice?

December 17

  • Caring for the Caregiver – the Metrics for My Own Well-being
  • How Do I Remain Focused on the Big Goals — Cash, Customers, & Capital?
  • How Will I Keep It Fun — for Me and for Others Around Me?

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